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The American-Made Enhanced F Pistol from Caracal USA® has Arrived

The highly anticipated return of the game-changing smaller, faster, full-size pistol, the Enhanced F, is now available.

Nampa, Idaho (December 2023) – Caracal USA, a leading international manufacturer of small arms for the law enforcement and defense markets, proudly announces the Enhanced F pistol, a smaller, faster, full-size pistol, made in the USA, is now available.

“The Enhanced F pistol with the optional proprietary Quick Sight™ System is proudly made in the USA,” Jeffrey Spalding, president and CEO of Caracal USA, said. “Our pre-production validation program is extensive, far more so than most commercial handgun testing programs. Each test pistol undergoes 16,000 rounds of endurance; that is four to six thousand rounds a day. We use various types of ammo and accuracy test every two thousand rounds through the cycle. Part of the Caracal process also includes sand, water, mud submersion, solid projectile bore obstruction, and drop testing. The Enhanced F pistol passed with flying colors and is now available to the public.”

The 9mm polymer, striker-fired pistol offers users a snag-free carry in a low-profile design with superior ergonomics. Combined with the Quick-Sight™ System, which places both the front and rear sights on a single focal plane, the Enhanced F achieves target acquisition incredibly fast, even on second shots. All metal parts are QPQ nitride with an enclosed post-oxidizing surface treatment for increased durability and protection against wear and corrosion. Enhanced F barrels are SAAMI proof tested for +P ammo. The trigger shoe, trigger safety, and trigger bar are combined into a one-piece, multi-function unit (MFU) which is designed to create an extremely intuitive pistol for shooters of all skill levels.

The Enhanced F, designed with a combative edge, incorporates features that enable the user to act fast, even in the closest of encounters with low felt recoil. Ergonomically developed with a high, deep tang, the pistol feels like an extension of the user’s arm, and the snag-free exterior allows for rapid draw without catching on clothing or gear. The rear slide serrations provide a positive grip space for single-hand racking. The pistol also accepts accessories, lasers, and lights on the 1913 Picatinny rail forward of the trigger guard.

The Enhanced F pistol provides full pistol power in a smaller, low-mass package: perfect for civilians, concealed carry, or on duty. Tested and tried, the Enhanced F delivers smooth handling and accurate shooting consistently with every shot.

Caracal USA’s Enhanced F pistol is available in a variety of configurations, including a threaded barrel for a suppressor. Sight options and finish options are also available. Holsters are available from many manufacturers including but not limited to Alien Gear, HOFTAC iNDUSTRIES, Crossbreed, Craft, Urban Carry, and Phalanx Defense Systems just to name a few.

Caracal USA Enhanced F Pistol Specifications:

Caliber: 9 x 19mm Parabellum
Sights: 3-dot sights, Quick Sight™ System, optional night sights
Slide length: 7” (178mm)
Barrel length: 4.1” (105.4mm)
Height: 5-5/16” (135mm)
Width: 1-3/32” (28mm)
Weight: 1 lbs.12oz. (790g)
Magazine capacity: 18 rounds / 10 rounds
Grip frame: Polymer
Trigger system: Short Double Action
Trigger Pull (constant): 4 lbs. 12oz.
Trigger travel (constant): 5/16” (8mm)
Internal Safety (drop and firing pin): 2
Cocking indicator: 1
Magazine catch: Ambidextrous
MSRP:  Starting at $549.00

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Caracal USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caracal International and the exclusive importer and manufacturer of Caracal products in the United States. Located in Nampa, Idaho, the new center of state-of-the-art firearms technology and manufacturing, Caracal USA produces high-quality solutions for the commercial, law enforcement, and defense industries.