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The EyePal® Peep Sighting System Puts You Back in the Game with your Sights and Your Target in Focus

By December 12, 2013No Comments

The EyePal® Peep Sighting System, developed for the open-sight shooter, was designed and patented by Charles Summers, a retired MIT optical specialist and avid firearms enthusiast. Frustrated with his inability to properly see his sights and target without suffering from “fuzzy sight syndrome”, Summers came up with a solution that brings into focus the sights and the target simultaneously. Whether a shooter or archer suffers from vision difficulties or aging eyes or is new to the sport, the EyePal’s unique aperture system provides an immediate sense of eye relief as the image of the target and all of the elements come clearly into focus.

eyepalwebThe EyePal® is applied easily onto any protective eyewear. The small aperture provides the maximum depth of field. It does this by producing a very small image which travels, undistorted, through both the lens of the eyewear and the pupil of the eye. The result is a perfectly focused sight picture of both sights and the target. One of the reasons this is possible is that the EyePal’s large black area surrounding the target or game blocks the unnecessary peripheral visual information allowing the eye to get only the necessary information to make a clear shot.

IMG_9708a LBMThe EyePal® is available in three versions: Rifle or Handgun Kits include two identically sized apertures matching their kit application and the Master Kit includes one rifle and one handgun aperture. The EyePal® apertures come in a handy storage case. Simply open the top of a well and place your EyePal® on the glasses. The EyePal® can be easily removed and relocated until the perfect sight line is achieved. The EyePal® is approved at the NRA CMP National Matches and is available online or ask your favorite retailer. MSRP $29.95.