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The Flopak® Valentine’s Day Catalog is out and Love is in the Air

By September 15, 2016No Comments
Flopak Catalog

The 2017 Valentine’s and Mother’s Day catalog featuring retail ready products now available at Flopak® online

St. Louis, Mo. (September 2016) – Flopak®, an industry leader in floral accessories, pot covers and floral wrappings, is unveiling its new retail floral products for the 2017 Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day holidays so your customers can show that special someone how they feel. The new 2017 Valentine/Mother’s Day catalog is available for download at

Flopak CatalogThe catalog is filled with brightly colored flower sleeves in solids and pretty patterns, all designed to highlight the fresh flowers inside. Reds, pinks and lavenders prevail this spring season. Single rose sleeves in a variety of patterns give that single rose an even more special appeal. Pink and red plant sleeves and sheets come in a variety of textures, such as lace mesh, frost and pearl. Bouquet holders offer that personal touch highlighting flowers with colored papers, sisal, organza and special holders in the shapes of hearts.

Flopak also has your special packaging needs in mind with display boxes for single flowers and post order boxes for shipping bouquets. New for 2017 are flower tubes with a red carry ribbon and a Moroni Vase with a special “kissed lips” label.

Every flower arrangement needs that special touch and Flopak has a full assortment of heart shaped picks, butterflies and teddy bear picks and pendants in a variety of styles and materials.

Flopak flower bags offer attractive alternatives, including the popular “I Heart U” bags. Watertight and other bags with an inside plastic bag come in an array of materials from felts, plastic and natural nonwoven materials, many with bright patterns and handles for convenient carry.

Additionally, Flopak has floral accessories to make your floral displays stand out, from colorful patterned paper rolls in reds and pinks to an assortment of ceramic and cement pots in cream, light gray and pinks. Glass vases come in a delightful rainbow of spring colors to enhance even the simplest display.

Zinc pots with their decidedly European country flair are available. The new Sofia zinc pot is bound in natural fiber in a two-tone look for a modern vibe. No arrangement is ever complete without ribbons and bows and Flopak has all of them ranging from the natural look to shiny and patterned ribbons.

The 2017 Flopak Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day specialty catalog is available now in time to order the latest floral accessories that will wow your customers and make their loved ones smile.

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About JetRam Products LLC:

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, JetRam Products LLC. was founded in 1981 by a local florist to develop better packaging systems for the floral and gift industries. As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative packaging and wrapping systems, JetRam has developed a loyal customer base in the 48 continental states, Puerto Rico and Canada. JetRam is the pioneer behind the popular Jetwrap Floral Delivery System and the inventor of domed shrink bags. In early 2016, JetRam purchased the brand and holdings of Flopak®, a larger floral packing company also located in St. Louis, specializing in preformed pot covers and floral accessories.

About Flopak®:

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Flopak® provides the floral and gift industries with pre-formed pot covers, floral wrappings and accessories. Operating since 1985 under the Gateway Packaging Company, Flopak became its own entity in 2010 upon the sale of Gateway. Flopak quickly became a top market performer competing with multimillion dollar enterprises. In 2016, Flopak was purchased by JetRam Floral Packaging, a 30-year old floral wrap manufacturer and distributor headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. JetRam is the pioneer behind the popular Jetwrap Floral Delivery System and the inventor of domed shrink bags and services retail customers in the 48 continental states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The acquisition and combination of these two firms will offer customers a large array of innovative and quality products to service retail florists, greenhouses, nurseries and gift stores while keeping customer service the first priority.