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Travel Safe with Ammunition Depot’s New Travel Backpacks with AR500 Ballistic Armor Panels

Ammunition Depot SwissGear Travel Backpack with Hybrid IIIA Soft Armor in Lilac.

Whether packing gear for school, business or travel, Ammunition Depot’s new SwissGear Travel backpacks and AR500 armor panels offer users a choice of features and benefits.

Boca Raton, Fla. (August 2018) – Ammunition Depot kicks off the start of the school season with a variety of SwissGear Travel backpacks outfitted with lightweight IIIA AR500 ballistic armor panels. The AR500 ballistic armor panels are proven against pistol calibers up to .44 magnum and .357 SIG and rated for multiple hits traveling at 1,430 fps.

Ammunition Depot offers two choices in ballistic protection, the first is with the AR500 Level IIIA Armor Hybrid 11×15 panel, which is a combination of three different proven armor technologies, resulting in one of the most advanced armor materials. Using Gold Shield®, DuPont™ Kevlar® and Honeywell Spectra Shield® technologies, the AR500 Hybrid provides the wearer with an ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible high-strength armor panel.

Ammunition Depot SwissGear Travel Backpack with Rimelig IIIA Soft Armor in Noir.

Ammunition Depot SwissGear Travel Backpack with Rimelig IIIA Soft Armor in Noir.

The AR500 Level IIIA Rimelig 11X15 panel provides the same level of protection as other Level IIIA choices yet at a more affordable price point. Comprised of Aramid fibers, the Rimelig panes are designed, cut and assembled in the USA. They are lightweight and flexible compared to Level IIIA steel variants.

The SwissGear Travel Backpacks are feature-rich and perfect for the student, frequent traveler or just to uses as a day-bag. The interior large pocket for a tablet and larger pocket for a laptop are both padded, with the larger of the two capable of housing the Level IIIA panel. A carry handle is integrated into the adjustable shoulder straps with a light reflecting band across the straps. The travel backpack offers plenty of additional pockets, including an Organizer Pocket for pens, notebooks and soft-lined pockets for smartphones and more delicate items. Additionally, it houses a large zipper bottle pocket and two exterior mesh bottle pockets, plus a headphone port from the exterior to the organizer pocket.

Both the SwissGear Travel backpack with the Hybrid and Rimelig Level IIIA ballistic panel come in color choices of Lilac, Navy, Pink and Noir and are available online at Ammunition Depot.

“Ammunition Depot is your preparedness partner and our new bundled kits provide our customers with what they want: the best defense products, convenience and great pricing,” Scott Blick, managing partner for Ammunition Depot, said.

About Ammunition Depot:

Ammunition Depot was founded by freedom-loving Americans committed to American’s right and responsibility to defend themselves, their families and their country. Ammunition Depot’s goal and promise is to provide to the American public high-quality ammunition at the lowest possible price with the best customer service they have ever experienced, period.

As Ammunition Depot has grown over the years, we have been able to create numerous jobs for hard-working Americans in our home state of Florida, as well as help many charities and foundations that support our troops, law enforcement and the shooting sports.  Our plan is to keep growing, keep creating jobs, keep giving and keep Ammunition Depot strong so that we can deliver the same great products and same great service for decades to come.