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Thank You: From a Vet's Daughter

By November 11, 2014No Comments


Today is Veteran’s Day. This is my entry for the Laura Burgess Marketing Blog and I’m still writing it. My assignment is to write about my experience as the daughter of a veteran. You know, what’s it like to be an Army Brat? I have tried writing this blog four times, gotten a paragraph or two and then erased it.  Now I am literally on deadline and here I am, without a story. Then it hit me. This is not my story. Never was. This is the story of a kid from South Philadelphia who became a career Army officer, who married a pretty girl from the Virginia countryside. Who, as a result of meeting that pretty girl, had me. Veteran’s Day is about those that have served. We honor them, say a prayer for those that didn’t make it back. Shake the hand or give a hug to those that did. It’s because of our vets that we enjoy all the freedoms we have today; the freedom to speak our minds, seek out our destinies and enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.

So this Veteran’s Day, I say, “thanks Dad.” Thank you for your service. Thank you for teaching your girls how to rise to the top, no matter the adversity. Thank you for showing us how to stand up for your beliefs, in spite of those that spat upon your uniform. Thank you for demonstrating that even the courageous deal with fear. Thank you, Dad, for your service and commitment to our country and your family. Now, if you had only taught me to be better about deadlines.