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American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Announces Hands-On Gunsmithing Course on Smith & Wesson® Revolvers

By June 15, 2015No Comments
Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks

Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks

American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative Gunsmithing DVD courses, is pleased to offer gunsmiths and students a Design, Function and Repair: Smith & Wesson® Revolver class with Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks. The course, to be held from June 22 through 26, 2015, is open to current AGI Professional Gunsmithing students only. Students must have successfully completed the Handguns section of the course prior to registration.

This AGI instructor-led course covers the design, function and repair of the Smith & Wesson® double action swing out cylinder revolver. Brooks will teach timing, ranging, aligning crane, removal of endshake and more. Additionally, how to smooth, polish and target trigger jobs will be discussed.

Each student will need to bring at least one Smith & Wesson® double action swing out cylinder revolver to the class. Students should also bring a hand window file, a basic set of hand tools, to include screw drivers, punch set, 2 oz. ball peen hammer, a set of diamond needle files, a set of regular needle files, 6 in. Barrette file, a 6 and 8 in. bastard file, a pair of needle nose pliers and a set of welding goggles. Please also bring a flat head screw driver that can be modified into a tool, a tooth brush for cleaning the firearm, a dead blow hammer, Babbitt bar, ammunition for guns used in class, safety / shooting glasses and hearing protection, as well as a dial caliper and an extra set of springs for the model of gun the student is bringing to class.

A graduate of the gunsmithing program at Lassen College, studying under Master Instructor Robert Dunlap, Ken Brooks now works full time for Dunlap and continues his journey studying under the master. Brooks is well-known for being a great design, function and repair gunsmith and has been an AGI Instructor for over 15 years.

For more information and availability, please contact Celeste at 1-800-797-0687 x 102. AGI is not responsible for a student’s travel, hotel or meal costs. If the class does not have a minimum of six participants it will be cancelled and rescheduled when a class of six or more is filled.

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