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Mossy Oak BioLogic® Addiction Unveils New Packaging Design, Adds New Attractants to 2017 Lineup

By January 10, 2017No Comments

Mossy Oak BioLogic® Addiction Unveils New Packaging Design,

Adds New Attractants to 2017 Lineup


Northbrook, IL – January, 2017 – Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction will be debuting four new attractant products, as well as a complete packaging redesign at Shot Show 2017 in Las Vegas.

In order to bring unity to the overall brand, better distinguish product variances, and effectively communicate the benefits of the products, Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction has completely overhauled the packaging for its entire portfolio of products. The sleek, new package design gives increased prominence to the Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction logo, and features eye-popping colors to better leverage the Mossy Oak® brand and stand-out on retail shelves.

The new additions to the current lineup of attractants for 2017 include Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction Game Trail Mix, Grandma’s Apple Pie, Deer Dip, and Rut Renew Pre-loaded Scent Wicks.

Game Trail Mix is exactly what it sounds like—trail mix for deer. It contains real fruit and vegetable pieces, and is offered in Apple and Sweet Potato flavors.  Similarly, Grandma’s Pie is essentially a fruit pie for deer. It attracts deer like a traditional molasses lick and combines natural scents and flavors with real fruit that whitetail can’t resist.  Grandma’s Pie is offered in Apple, Berry, and Pear flavors.

Deer Dip is a unique, silicone gel attractant that can be applied to boots, leaves, trees, the ground, or other surfaces. It features a brand new gel form that enables a long-lasting, intense scent, which draws in deer from long range. Best of all, Deer Dip becomes reactivated when wet, meaning hunters will need to reapply the attractant less frequently. Deer Dip comes in five varieties including Buck Urine, Doe Urine, Estrus Doe Urine, Sour Apple, and Acorn.  It comes in a convenient, pocket-sized can—similar to another “dip” familiar to many hunters, and lasts up to a year after opening.

Rut Renew Pre-loaded Scent Wicks are biodegradable, fast and easy alternatives to traditional scent wicks. Rut Renew Pre-loaded Scent Wicks come in packages of five, one-time-use wicks and are offered in three varieties—Buck Urine, Doe Urine and Estrus Doe Urine.

All these new Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction products—Game Trail Mix, Grandma’s Pie, Deer Dip, and Rut Renew Pre-loaded Scent Wicks, as well as the current line of Mossy Oak Biologic® Addiction attractant products, will be on display in booth #2652 at this year’s Shot Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on January 17-20, 2017, and will be available in many outdoor retailers in time for peak hunting seasons, starting in July 2017. For additional information about these and other Mossy Oak Biologic® attractant products, visit


About Mossy Oak BioLogic®:

Mossy Oak BioLogic® was developed by Mossy Oak® founder Toxy Haas, and reflects his passion for managing whitetail deer populations for the benefits of hunters, local human populations and the whitetail breed. Mossy Oak BioLogic’s research has led to better food plot management and an array of high quality products such as the BioRock and Addiction attractant lines. For more information about Mossy Oak BioLogic® attractants, please visit visit


About Big Game International:

Big Game International is a leading manufacturer and designer of products in a wide range of popular outdoor sporting goods categories. The company’s in-depth expertise in sourcing, product development, packaging, cosmetics and marketing allows Big Game International to deliver high quality, competitively priced products and programs to our partners and customers. For more information about Big Game International, please visit