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NAPED Welcomes New Associate Member INVISIO Communications Inc.

June 7, 2017 – The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED) welcome INVISIO Communications Inc. to their growing roster of vendors within the law enforcement, security, 1st responder and military communities. INVISIO Communications Inc. is now completely operational and the organization is capable of efficiently targeting customers within security and defense throughout the United States. The key focus is to support existing customers, partners and programs, increasing the customer base and to maintain and expand business networks.

INVISIO offers cutting-edge personal communications and hearing protection systems. The systems enable users to operate and communicate safely and clearly in all environments, even under extreme conditions, such as loud noise, heat and underwater. INVISIO systems consist of headsets and advanced control units that interface to a wide range of communication devices. The systems provide hearing protection while maintaining the natural level of situational awareness. Customers are mainly from the public sector. Sales are made via a global network of partners and to some extent directly to end customers. INVISIO is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm (IVSO). www.invisio.com

INVISIO Headsets

INVISIO X5- The INVISIO X5 headset is designed exclusively for INVISIO’s range of advanced control units and is fundamental to the INVISIO hearing protection system. It is a dual sided in-ear hearing protection headset with state of the art external microphones for natural hear-thru and six sizes of exchangeable foam plugs for market leading hearing protection and comfort. The INVISIO X5 is the in-ear headset of choice for future soldier programs today.

INVISIO T5- The INVISIO T5 over-the-ear hearing protection headset is powered and controlled by an INVISIO control unit, making it easy to use and lightweight without the need of internal battery or buttons. With an on head weight of less than 250 grams, the INVISIO T5 significantly reduces the burden on the mounted or dismounted soldier while featuring industry leading situational awareness.

INVISIO Control Units

INVISIO V20 – Single Com System – The INVISIO V20 control unit is designed for soldiers with a single radio with one or two talk-groups. It is the smallest and lightest control unit available and power from the connected radio. The INVISIO V20 is very intuitive and simple to use. The control unit is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems and offers state of the art situational awareness and integration to other communication devices.

INVISIO V50 – Dual Com System – 
The INVISIO V50 control unit is designed for soldiers and commanders that require an internal power supply and two communication devices, such as team radio, combat net radio or vehicle intercom system. The control unit can handle multiple talk-groups and can also power from any of the connected communication devices. Lightweight and small, the control unit offers state of the art situational awareness and is fully compatible with other INVISIO systems.

INVISIO V60- Tri Com System – The INVISIO V60 is designed to be the ultimate communications hub and capable of connecting into practically any type of communication device, such as multiple net radios, smart phones, a broad range of audio devices, headsets (tactical, covert and commercial) and intercom systems for land, sea and air vehicles.

For more information visit INVISO’s website at www.invisio.com