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Old West Gun Lore as Told by Cimarron Firearms Founder, Mike Harvey

Introducing a new series of videos regaling the unique history of American Old West firearms and the men who made them through the stories of Cimarron Firearms’ Mike Harvey.

Fredericksburg, Texas (May 2020) Cimarron Firearms, recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in Old West replica firearms, is proud to introduce a new series of videos featuring Cimarron Firearms founder, Mike Harvey. Entitled “Cimarron Originals with Mike Harvey,” the videos explore Mike’s vast museum of old west firearms and the interesting stories behind them. Additionally, he explains how Cimarron reproductions are manufactured to carry on the legends for today’s American history enthusiasts.

Mike Harvey, a Texan through and through, grew up with a passion for historic firearms. Even as a youth, Mike took his passion and built a Hawken rifle that he still uses for hunting. In 1979, he opened his first retail store in Houston called “Bigfoot” after one of Mike’s heroes, Bigfoot Wallace, a Texas Ranger. During this time, Mike bought and sold guns, and hung onto those firearms with a unique heritage. That became the collection from which he would eventually produce the Cimarron line of old west replica firearms. Bigfoot became a distributor for Western Arms Company, importers of Uberti cowboy-style firearms. Eventually, Mike bought out Western Arms and when searching for a name for his new company leaned on the advice of then Guns & Ammo editor, Phil Spangenberger (True West firearms editor). Phil thought that nothing says “West” like the word “Cimarron” and the company, Cimarron Firearms was born.

In the first video of the new series, Mike introduces a carbine close to his heart, the ’59 McNelly Sharps Carbine. The original Sharps carbines were black powder but converted to a 50/70 cartridge and reissued to the military. The carbine Mike introduces is #6 of 36 carbines issued to one of Texas Ranger Captain Leander H. McNelly’s loyal Rangers, known as “Little McNelly’s.” McNelly’s history resonates with many Texans in his somewhat ruthless, but highly effective, methods of cleaning up cattle rustlers and bandits that proliferated at the Texas/Mexican border around the Rio Grande in Nueces County.

Mike’s good friend owned #6, a family heirloom passed down from one of the original McNelly’s and a close friend of Sam Houston. This carbine was used by Cimarron as the source for creating Cimarron’s Sharps McNelly® Carbine rifle in 45/70 with a 22” round barrel. Cimarron’s replica stays true to the original, now owned by Mike Harvey. It features a case colored receiver and a blued steel barrel on American black walnut stock and foreend, just like the original Texas Ranger carbines. The guns are also marked with the “T * S” found on the original 36 carbines. Cimarron’s reproductions, side-by-side, are very historical in appearance and function and maintain that high level of individual craftsmanship rarely found in today’s firearms production. Cimarron reproductions may look great on the wall, but they are built to perform in the field, just as their predecessors did. The Sharps McNelly carbine is a superb hunting rifle capable of superior accuracy out over 150 yards. The Cimarron version is available for an MSRP of $1,387.10.

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