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Unveiling Triumphs and Tackling Challenges: A Conversation with Laura Burgess, Founder & President of Laura Burgess Marketing

Part 2: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Triumphs

In the second installment of our interview series, we delve deeper into the remarkable journey of Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM). Laura Burgess, the visionary force behind the agency, shares insights into the challenges faced and the standout projects that underscore the agency’s strength and resilience.

Ashley Burgess Gall (ABG): Welcome back, Laura. In this part of our series, let’s explore some of the challenges that LBM has encountered over the past two decades and how you have overcome them. What would you say has been the most significant challenge, and how did you navigate it?

Laura Burgess (LB): Thank you, Ashley. The media landscape has proven to be a volatile terrain, much like standing on active volcanic land. Our journey began in an era of mailing press releases, black and white 5×7 images, and landline communication. As the digital realm expanded, our industry initially moved at a slower pace. However, once the tide of change arrived, we adapted to the digital wave. Despite the convenience of sending releases and images online, I sensed a loss of personal connection. I’ve been fortunate to build impactful relationships with media partners who were instrumental in my career at SIGARMS and later as an agency owner. Names like Shirley Steffen, Karin Levine, Roy Huntington, Russ Thurman, Jan Liborel, Mark Keefe, John Zent, and many more. With the rise of social media, the addition of Ashley to our team brought fresh expertise to navigate this evolving landscape. We guided companies through the challenges of these platforms, helping them thrive in the digital age. The emergence of influencers posed another challenge, but by identifying the authentic and committed voices, we forged fruitful partnerships that endure to this day. At LBM, our commitment has always been to stay current, efficient, and effective for our clients.

ABG: Your ability to adapt to the changing landscape is truly impressive, Laura. Shifting gears, can you highlight a project or campaign that you are particularly proud of—one that exemplifies LBM’s strengths?

LB: Absolutely, Ashley. Two projects stand out prominently. The first is a testament to the power of relationships. Shirley Steffen recommended my services to Chuck Buis, a newcomer to a tactical company in Virginia Beach. Chuck’s challenge was launching a new law enforcement holster line for a company known for its military nylon gear. With a tight timeline around SHOT Show, Chuck granted me creative freedom to develop the program. We assembled a comprehensive list of holster writers and editors, inviting them to experience the new SERPA holster firsthand at the show. The results were astonishing. Not only did the media flock to the booth, but the subsequent press coverage featured the SERPA holster extensively. This success led to an ongoing partnership with BLACKHAWK! that lasted until its acquisition. This experience underscores the value of building enduring relationships. Additionally, we took on a unique project for Parabon, a DNA analysis company working on cold cases. The challenge of entering a technical field was overcome through collaboration, leading to substantial national media coverage.

ABG: These projects are a testament to LBM’s innovation and unwavering commitment. As we conclude this segment, Laura, your journey, and the agency’s achievements are undeniably inspiring. Looking ahead, our final installment will illuminate LBM’s perspective on industry trends, envisioning its future, and the legacy you aspire to establish. Join us for Part 3: Charting Tomorrow’s Path: LBM’s Vision and Enduring Legacy as we bring our enriching conversation with Laura Burgess to a close.

In Part 3 of our interview series, we’ll delve into LBM’s prospects, exploring the agency’s strategic vision and Laura Burgess’ lasting imprint on the industry. Stay tuned for the culmination of our dialogue, where we uncover insights that encapsulate a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss the closing chapter of our conversation.